LT ALU-LEG productdetails

The lightest

LT ALU-LEG weight comparisonOne support leg only weighs 20 kilograms, so a set will be 40 kilos. It is especially the use of aluminium instead of steel that has given this result. Besides, the LT ALU-LEG is a falling support leg, so the winding mechanism and the connecting rod are no longer needed.


The LT ALU-LEG is made of aluminium and stainless steel. The house, support and foot are made of high-grade extruded aluminium. The lock and handle are made of stainless steel. All these materials make this product corrosion resistant.


The fact that there is no winding mechanism not only means a reduction of weight, but has as an additional advantage that the product is basically maintenance free.

Operation, fast and simple

Unlocking is simple and fast: lift the truck by means of its air suspension. By pulling out the lock of the LT ALU-LEG the leg will extend. At the right level it is locked again. After this the truck must be lowered and the legs will touch the ground. The trailer can be uncoupled and the truck free to move away.

Oscillating foot

LT ALU-LEG footNormally the air suspension of an uncoupled trailer gradually empties after some time. This means that the trailer will slightly tip over to the back. By using an oscillating foot on the LT ALU-LEG the vertical load caused by this tipping over will be absorbed. This prevents the leg from being distorted.

Two versions

The LT ALU-LEG can be supplied in two versions: the standard version and the extended version. The difference between the two is to be found in the length of the inner tube. The extended version is 150 mm longer. As there is a lock-hole every 50 mm, the LT ALU-LEG can be mounted to virtually every type of chassis or sub-frame.


The mounting or attaching holes are identical to all other support leg types, which makes it possible to provide existing trailers without any problem with the LT ALU-LEG support legs.

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