LT ALU-LEG applications

In virtually all situations the LT ALU-LEG can be the ultimate solution to make transport more cost-effective and thus more profitable. By applying this lightweight support the transporter can substantially save on fuel, or even save on the number of rides.

Trailer no yet fully loaded, but legal safe load already reached

The use of the LT ALU-LEG allows the transporter to carry more freight per ride. This means that in the end fewer rides need to be made in order to realise the same annual volume. This is especially true for sliding floor trailers, tank trailers and tipper trailers.

Saving fuel through lower trailer weight

Even when transporters do not load their trailers up to safe load, they can realise a substantial saving. Indeed the load to be carried will not go up, but the weight of the trailer will go down. Working the year round with a trailer that is 60 to 80 kilograms lighter brings a substantial fuel benefit.

Something for you?

Whether the LT ALU-LEG is suitable for your operations depends on the kind of transport for which your trailers are used. In many situations the product is an ideal weight saving solution, but for ferry transport it is less suited. Here the way of coupling and uncoupling requires more robust solutions. You should also take into account that for the application of a falling support leg the truck needs to have air suspension.


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