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Here you will find all information on the LT ALU-LEG, the ultra-light trailer support leg. Have you got any questions left after watching this site? Please, contact us.

Each kilogram counts

Transporters always aim at putting their trailers into service in the most efficient way. It is their pride to utilize loading capacity of a transport combination to its maximum. Unfortunately, this loading capacity is limited to the difference between unladen weight and maximum safe load. The maximum safe load is a legal matter and cannot possibly be influenced. The unladen weight, however, can!

Down with trailer weight

The ultimate way of bringing down the unladen trailer weight in a most simple way is by applying the LT ALU-LEG. This aluminium falling support leg is the lightest support leg ever used in the world of transport: one set only weighs 40 kilograms. For one single trailer this may result in a weight saving of 60 to 80 kilograms. This weight saving can be directly converted into pay-load. The carrying capacity of this well-designed product amounts to 25 tons per set and is consequently amply sufficient for virtually all trailer makes. Operating the support leg is extremely simple and time saving, and due to the universal hole-pattern the product may serve as a substitute for any other support leg.

Save fuel or carry more goods through lower trailer weight



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